Resident Artists

RedLine engages approximately 15–20 artists at any given time who remain “in residence” for a two or three year period. In exchange for a small stipend artists receive studio space and mentoring from three to four accomplished artists per year who may be “in residence” or may be guests of RedLine on a more intermittent basis. Read More.

Resource Artists

RedLine’s Resource Artist Program is a mentoring platform for Artist-in-Residence to connect and engage with prominent Denver-based artists. RedLine dedicates studio space to Resource Artists adjacent to our Artist-in-Residence studios to facilitate and foster these relationships. This is one of the many tiers of support that RedLine provides to encourage artistic growth in an environment where Artist-in-Residence cross the red line and take their careers to the next level. Read More.

Visiting Artists

RedLine's Visiting Artist Program invites local, national, and international artists from outside our residency program to create, challenge, and exhibit their creative practice while engaging with the greater RedLine community. Each visiting artist is given a studio, which allows for creative exchange about their work with both in-resident artists and the public at large. RedLine's Visiting Artist Program is made possible through the support of Olson-Vander Heyden Foundation, Inc. Read More.

Reach Artists

Reach is a free, open and supportive arts studio space where artists in Denver’s “not exactly” homeless and in-transition community can come to express themselves creatively, be exposed to new art forms, collaborate with peers, learn new skills and challenge each other to take the next step- in their art and in their lives. Read More.

RedLine Alumni

Former RedLine artists. Read More.


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