The Transit of Venus


Front Range Women in the Visual Arts, A Decade of Women's Art- Boulder Center for the Visual Arts, 1984. Photo by Meridel Rubenstein.


The Transit of Venus: Four Decades, Front Range Women in the Visual Arts

Curated by William Biety

January 10-February 23, 2014

Opening: Friday, January 10, 2014

Member & VIP Reception: 6-7 pm with curatorial talk and special performance by 3rd Law Dance/Theater in honor of Front Range Women in the Arts (6:45 pm & 7:45 pm)

Public Reception: 7-10 pm

The Transit of Venus features over 60 works by two dozen female artists, all of whom were part of the organization, Front Range Women in the Visual Arts. The exhibition is also a celebration of the group’s 40th anniversary, and the first in a series of shows presented throughout 2014 as part of She Crossed the Line, RedLine’s year-long focus on female artists. 

Named for the Colorado region in which they lived and work, Front Range Women in the Visual Arts was founded in 1974 by a group of artists and graduate students at the University of Colorado, Boulder (CU), at a turning point in the history of women in the arts when female artists began seeking greater visibility and validation among the mainstream art world.

Long overlooked by leading art critics, writers, academics, museums and galleries, female artists in the 1970s, inspired by the political energy of the time, began seeking new ways to assert themselves as artists through collective force. Front Range soon became a regional champion for women artists, both by working to pave the way for more exposure and involvement for women in the arts, and also by recognizing and studying female artists often overlooked in art history texts at the time. The group’s first exhibition, Women Working, at CU gathered together female graduate students to discuss issues that affected women, and to build connections with other women on a national level. They also organized several out-of-state exhibits, exchange programs and also a month long celebration, Colorado Women in the Arts in 1979, which was open to all female artists in the state of Colorado and included more than 80 events.

Participating Artists: Micaela Amateau Amato, Barbara Baer, Carol K. Brown, Marilyn Duke, Sally Elliott, Jaci Fischer, Margaretta Gilboy, Ann Isolde, June Julian, Virginia Johnson, Carol Kliger, Vidie Lange, Virginia Maitland, Fran Metzger, Georgia Pugh, Jalaliyyih Quinn, Celeste Rehm, Marcia Rehn, Helen Redman, Sue Robinson, Barbara Shark, Barbara Takenaga, Rebecca Van Buren, and Betty Woodman.

The Transit of Venus is part of the 2014 exhibition series titled She Crossed the Line, presented by RBC Wealth Management and RedLine.