This Wild Idea


This Wild Idea

Curated by John Grant

Exhibition Dates: August 16 - September 29, 2013 
Reception: August 16, 7-10 pm, Members 6-7 pm   

This Wild Idea was a year long documentary that started in 2011 and ended in the fall of 2012. During that year, Theron Humphrey traversed all 50 states logging over 65,000 miles with his best friend Maddie (the dog!). This Wild Idea is a project about celebrating the everyday. It was about meeting folks and learning to love our neighbor along the way.

On each of the 365 days of this year-long documentary, Humphrey met one new person and told their story through photography and oral histories. 

The finished documentary is a rich and stunningly beautiful collection of individuals as they lead what can only be called “everyday” lives. Humphrey used his openness as a human being to create easy and comfortable relationships with complete strangers. Once these new relationships were forged, Humphrey was able to capture their lives through studied, respectful photography and their spoken words.

This Wild Idea is a monumental example of the importance of storytelling and about looking closely at those around us. It prompts us to pay attention to the quiet histories of our own life and of the lives of those we connect with. It shines a light on generational differences and on the things that lodge in our memory about our own history and the connecting histories that have helped to shape who we are. But there is something else that is important about This Wild Idea, and it is that there is a vast sea of people all around us with their own stories, their own histories, and their own voices. Humphrey hopes this project will inspire you to document those around you for the next generation and generations to come.

This exhibition would not be possible without the generous support of our presenting exhibition sponsor: UMB BANK.