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RedLine Resident Artists: Their Upcoming Shows!

Posted by Redline Denver on Sun 26 Jul 2015 | 0 Comments

RedLine Resident Artists: Upcoming Shows We are excited to announce a new monthly blog that will keep you and the community updated with all of the places that our Resident Artists will have their work featured. To submit your event as an artist, or to inquire further as a community member, email Jobi Berger at

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RedLine Volunteers Share Their Thoughts on the RedLine Resident Program

Posted by Redline Denver on Tue 7 Jul 2015 | 0 Comments

RedLine Volunteers Share their Thoughts: The Impact of RedLine Resident Program A few weeks ago, Visitor and Volunteer Services Coordinator Djamila Ricciardi asked our volunteers to share their thoughts regarding impact of Resident Artist Program. They had some incredible things to say. View their testimonials below!.

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The Rose that Grew from Concrete: RedLine’s Community Art Day at Eddie Maestas Triangle Park

Posted by Redline Denver on Fri 3 Jul 2015 | 0 Comments

“I hate deadlines.” Reach artist Gonzo says as he begins his work on the Tuesday afternoon before RedLine’s Community Art Day in Triangle Park. His panel, along with several others created by RedLine’s Reach artists, are to be permanently installed for a year around the fences of the new community garden as part of a project funded by a Denver Arts and Venues PS You are Here grant..

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Hopping around Denver!

Posted by Redline Denver on Sun 28 Jun 2015 | 0 Comments

Hopscotch! Photo Credit: Raverro Stinnett Photo Credit: Raverro Stinnett .

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#itsnotmadeforme Thornton High School's EPIC Social Justice Art

Posted by Redline Denver on Wed 27 May 2015 | 0 Comments

#itsnotmadeforme Thornton High School's EPIC Social Justice Art By Daisy Patton The students at Thornton High School were incredibly dedicated to making an outstanding exhibition piece; during our initial conversations, one student declared that they wanted to represent their school well, which they did! Throughout the course of their project, they made all the decisions, wrote their own statement, survey questions, altered toys, created accessories for an interactive exhibition piece, and were engaged and asked many questions of a data visualization guest speaker. The students noted that during their explorations on gender in toys, the surveyed students all reacted poorly to anything that had anything feminine to it, whether it was gender conforming or gender confusing.

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