Through utilizing artists to serve the community as educators, mentors and inspired examples of the tangible – and intangible – benefits of creative expression, RedLine, in turn, inspires and helps to create new generations of cultural and civic transformers. We are an urban laboratory that seeks to stimulate and ignite the creative potential of the community to which we are linked through art, education, dialogue and social responsiveness. 

Reach Studio

We are a free, open and supportive arts studio space where artists in Denver’s “not exactly” homeless and in-transition community can come to express ourselves creatively, be exposed to new art forms, collaborate with peers, learn new skills and challenge each other to take the next step- in our art and in our lives. Read More.

Community Studio

The Community Studio is an educational space for the community at-large to experience and practice art alongside artist, instructors, fellow students and neighbors. Participants are invited to deepen their appreciation for art through hands-on activities central to RedLine’s goal of bolstering the relationship between art, artist and the public. The Community Studio and programs serves as a resource for youth and adults based on the needs expressed by community members. Read More.

Public Arts Research Library

Our library is a resource for research, particularly concerning the history of Denver’s art scene. We gladly accept tax-deductible donations to support its’ growth. We specialize in Colorado arts and artists, but books, monographs, catalogues, magazines, and reference materials are welcome. Read More.

Event Space

RedLine is a flexible, contemporary art space with 4 beautifully designed spaces perfect for a variety of occasions. Read More.


RedLine membership carries with it a host of benefits and helps to support the development of the arts in Colorado. Read More.

Volunteer at RedLine

It is safe to say, RedLine would not be possible if it were not for the support of the weekly/monthly/annual volunteer support we receive both inside and outside of RedLine. Last year, RedLine celebrated over 700 hours of volunteer service in our exhibitions, membership, marketing, special events, and visitor service programs. Without volunteer support, RedLine would not be able to provide dynamic programming to over 20,000 visitors per year. Volunteer Progr Read More.


If you are passionate about the arts and want to support Denver's growing cultural community, consider making a donation to RedLine. Read More.