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Zach Reini

My art making practice is reductive in nature, searching for ubiquitous ways of conveying ideas with as little information as possible. This is a "negative-reflection," a biproduct of our increasingly networked culture, an investigation into the filtering process of the artist confronted with an over-saturation of constantly decimated information. Read More.


Education Programs

Education at RedLIne is a innovative and accessible program that engages the community in exploration of art along with providing a resource that nurtures the multifaceted relationships present between art, artists and the public. Our vision is create sustainable and impactful programming that meets the needs of the community while developing learners that are invested in their education, their world and the transformative power of art. Read More.


Community Studio

The Community Studio is an educational space for the community at-large to experience and practice art alongside artist, instructors, fellow students and neighbors. Participants are invited to deepen their appreciation for art through hands-on activities central to RedLine’s goal of bolstering the relationship between art, artist and the public. The Community Studio and programs serves as a resource for youth and adults based on the needs expressed by community members. Read More.